Welcome to thepmsclub Lyrics THE BUNNY THE BEAR Congregation Lyrics, singer by THE BUNNY THE BEAR

The sky fell to the earth.
I watched it, silently.
I bridged my teeth with the lack of excitement.
It was the start of something. Anything.
And I knew it was over.
In that moment my life became irrelevant.
I quenched my fists. I bit the bullet.
I swallowed my pride. I breathed in, the released.
Animalistic. Oh, the indifference!
It’s coming to an end. Congregation, gather here.
It’s what I’m waiting for, open doors, baby.
Congregation, shed a tear.
Is it the thought that counts and nothing else?!
Congregation, won’t you bare with me?
I’ve lost myself on rusted shelves.
Congregation, have no fear.
Here’s what I’m losing when there’s nothing left to give.



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