Welcome to thepmsclub Lyrics PRINCE ROYCE Prelude Lyrics, singer by PRINCE ROYCE

You are now entering the kingdom of Prince Royce
Who before was royalty was just one lonely voice
That from the streets of the Bronx
Rose to represent his Dominican roots
And is now a source of pride for his elders
And an inspiration to the youth

Son las cosas pequenas que valen y ensenan
Y donde esta el corazon es donde sera mi habitacion
de mis mas lindas memoras la mas feliz eres tu
y un espejo hecha para mi
con dulce pensar te me vas a querer
con un amor incondicional

Sabiendo que la fe
your faith keeps your dreams close to you
become addicted to your art
your goals
your passion
your rhythm
your rhyme
and you too will experience the world in my time

Savor the sweet and the sour
la vida es dulce y amarga
every experience cada momento
de muestra que nuestro tiempo es prestado

Seguir tus suenos
es el regalo mas grande que tu mismo te puedes dar
porque antes de querer te tienes que amar
you have to believe in yourself first
don’t wait for others to praise you
once you have achieve self love
you are ready for phase II


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